Great work, talented network, nice people to do business with
— Chris H. - 2015
Dutton Construction did a great job on my kitchen. They worked quickly, neatly and troubleshot issues so I didn’t have to stress on additional decision making. Hope to use them on my next project.
— Genevieve J. - 2015
Dunton Construction did our recent kitchen remodel. We could not be any happier with their work, professionalism and can-do spirit! This is a top-notch group of contractors, craftsmen and subcontractors. Not only do they do excellent work, but they always show up on time with a smile a their faces. I recommend Dunton Construction to anyone who wants a job done well and done right!
— Lorraine & Bruce M - 2015
Jeff Dunton and sons have always been there when I needed work for myself or for a client. Dunton construction has done deck work and termite repair to bathroom remodels for me and my clients. Once work starts Dunton construction has always finished the job promptly with great workmanship. I hope this website saves Jeff some time so he can get more sleep.
— Byron R. - 2014
This company is full of hard working employees, who are also talented. They are on time, clean, fast working and honest. I highly recommend Dunton.
— Marcie L. - 2014
Awesome and amazing, simply amazing! As a construction attorney I know what it takes and Jeff and his crew are the very, very best!
— Donald S. - 2012
Dunton Construction is amazing. They’ve done a kitchen remodel for me and it has gone astoundingly well and quickly. Jeff Dunton and his crew obviously care about their customers to a degree that I rarely encounter in contractors. Their work is top notch and the people are great.

I have been a hiring manager, and I have done reference checks on people before, for people I was thinking about hiring to work with. Never in years of doing that have I heard references like I got for Dunton Construction. Saying they walk on water would be only a minor exaggeration. They really are that good, and we are so happy we hired them.

We have additional projects for them and they will be coming back to work for us. Soon. If you hire them you will not be disappointed.
— Jeff P. - 2012
You should talk to Jeff for outstanding quality and work. His word is very important to him. Great person and great contractor. Family business.
— Steve M. - 2009
We’ve worked with Dunton Construction on two major jobs with our house, and both times we’ve had excellent results.
The first time we used them was eight years ago to do a kitchen/dining room/living room remodel. And the second time was two years ago for a downstairs remodel/cabinets/and updating electrical where necessary. They’ve always met my needs in a very professional manner, leaving me very satisfied. I love living in my updated home! I am giving them five stars for their craftsmanship, dependability, and honesty. I would definitely refer them to a relative or friend.
— Lisa V. - 2008